Acupoint Catgut Embedding Therapy


    Thread-embedding therapy is the method of using disposable special cupuncture needle to implant the absorbable biomedical material into the specific acupoints. It is the method for preventing and treating diseases by the continuous stimulation to the acupoints.

    Thread embedding technology is a unique characteristics long-term acupuncture therapy which is developed from the acupuncture, it based on the merdian-collateral theory and combined with the modern biomedical material.Because of the development of the materials,the technology is becoming very safe , effective and slight pain, so patients are willing to accept. It is used to treat many common diseases and extended to the difficult disease, beauty, weight loss, health care and other fields. Thread embedding technique has been incorporated into the textbook of Chinese TCM University, also has been promoted to dozens of countries and regions around the world.


Indications and course of treatment

Indications: all indications of acupuncture, Apply the thread embedding therapy by choose proper acupoints.


1Digestive system disease. chronic gastritis.constipation.diarrhea.simple obesity.

gastric ulcer.pain.dysmenorrhea. irregular menstruation.amenorrhea.

2Asthma.stroke.acne.rhinitis.pharyngitis.epilepsy.eczema.chronic bronchitis.

digestive disorder after the radiotherapy of cancer.


Course of treatment:


The setting of treatment interval and course of treatment  according to the condition, the thread absorption. Usually take 1 treatment every 10 days, 8 to 10 treatments a course. The treatment interval can be appropriately extended, as every 3-4 weeks or even longer in the late treatment and beauty, weight loss, health care,etc.

Contraindications and cautiously use


1. It is forbidden to acupuncture and embedding in the part of scytitis, damaged and ulcerto prevent the tissues out of infection.


2. Patients suffering from serious skin diseases, severe diabetes and hypofunction of absorb and repair of skin and subcutaneous tissues caused by various diseases, are not suitable to use.


3. Patients with bleeding tendency are not suitable.thrombocytopenia e.g.


4. Patients with psychentonia, profuse sweating, tired or hungry are not suitable.


5. The menstrual period is not suitable to use.


6. Pregnant women are prohibited to use embedding in the abdomen, lumbosacral portion and Hegu(LI04), Sanyinjiao(SP6).


7. Children under 7 years old are forbidden or cautiously use